New Features
August 29, 2021

Next Sunday there will be a maintenance to the server. This maintenance will be between 10:00 and 12:00 (GMT +1).
Changes to be made:
1- Pin code will be removed
2- The item Angel's Book was created. This is a buff book only to be used by Premium players, it will not be allowed in TVT/CTF/DM events and Olys. All new characters will have the book in their inventory, so all other characters that already exist can buy the book for 1 Adena at NPC L2Lusitano Services. If the book is sent to the ground it will simply disappear so dont do it or you will need to buy another one.
3- Boss jewels were created with a duration of 7 days. Each of these jewels can be purchased for 30 L2Tickets.
4- Bug of the Suplies Box of the arena clan is solved. 
5- In the daily awards (Achievements) the L2Tickets were replaced by chests with random items, ranging from SEAA to Weapons S. These are the same chests you receive in events and in the arena clan.

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New Features 2
The enchant will change to: Safe = +3 Weapon max = +20 Armor max = 16 Blessed enchant scrolls will enchant from +1 to +3 at a time and on failure will keep the previous e...
29 August, 2021
Wednesday, 21-07-2021, we will carry out new maintenance. This maintenance can be time-consuming, so it is not possible to predict how long it will take. For this reason, I appeal...
20 July, 2021
Server maintenance
L2Lusitano wants to be a server for players, so we are open to any suggestion that you find interesting Next Wednesday from 19:00 to 20:00 gmt+1 of the 14-07-2021, we will carry...
13 July, 2021
The official opening is on the 10th of July 2021 but you can now log in and try our server. Your suggestions are welcome. Use our forum to let us know of your suggestions. If y...
08 July, 2021
server is in beta version
ATTENTION! Please be advised that the server is still in beta version (trial version). We will wipe out accounts in the final version.
06 June, 2021

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