All party members are affected from Premium!
Example: If there are 9 members in your party and only 1 member has Premium,
the +15% Bonus EXP/SP benefit from Premium will be divided by 9.

Premium is bound to all Characters in account.

Premium cannot be transfered.

+30% Experience / Skill Points
+30% Adena Drop
+30% Drop
+30% Spoil
+30% Quest reward
+30% Quest drop
+30% Quest adena drop
Access to VIP Chat. Use >

7 Days Subscription x40 L2L Ticket

14 Days Subscription x70 L2L Ticket

30 Days Subscription x100 L2L Ticket

Store services are standard and does not get any kind of changes or updates during the live server. Goods offered on Store are minimal, do not affect the game play and they have only purpose to keep the server and its advertises running .

Character Name Change x50 L2L Ticket

Character Color Name Change x50 L2L Ticket

Character Color Title Change x50 L2L Ticket

Expand inventory (per slot) x2 L2L Ticket

Ordinary Accessory x5 L2L Ticket

Clan Name Change x50 L2L Ticket

Clan Skills (+6 lvl) x200 L2L Ticket
Expand Clan Warehouse (1 slot) x50 L2L Ticket

Clan Upgrade See in game

Clan Reputation See in game
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